How long is a magic show?

There is no standard duration. Each magic show is personalized and structured on your real needs.

I have foreign guests. Will they be able to follow the show?

Sure, no problem! I work all over the world and I speak fluent English.

Can I combine different types of shows (eg close up magic and parlor magic)?

Absolutely yes. Everything depends on certain conditions (eg space, time, budget), but we can create together a show of magic customized in every detail.

How many people can attend a magical show?

How much do you want! As always, your needs are driving. Magic can entertain from 1 up to 1,000 people. Whether it's a private evening for a few close friends or a great corporate event, magic can give unique moments to anyone in every situation.

How much space and what equipment do you need?

Everything depends on the type of audience you are targeting. For example, you do not need any type of equipment in the case of close up magic during a gala dinner. It could be necessary an appropriate amplification and a lighting system for magic shows on stage. About space, I can also work in small rooms without reducing the quality of the performance.

Are you willing to travel for work?

There are no problems. I am used to moving and working all over the world: from England to China, passing through Europe and the USA.

Will you make me do a good impression? Will my guests be satisfied?

Absolutely yes! I care that my every performance is impeccable because, even before those who choose me, it is I who put my face on it. The love for magical art, the enormous respect for those who choose me and the many years of experience are a guarantee for you and your guests.