Corporate events

There are several objectives that a company poses during corporate meetings: present a product, share new business objectives, thank employees and suppliers, entertain and relax customers.

Thanks to magic, the achievement of every goal becomes more effective and memorable, allowing the company to communicate better.

Your message will be conveyed in a magical and unusual way bringing astonishment and wonder and creating a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere.

Thanks to the magic, your message will have more strength and your brand will be able to stand out.

Bars & Restaurants

Magic must not be intrusive, indeed, it must accompany and make every moment very special.

Having a magician as a form of entertainment in your room brings with it many strengths: first you distinguish yourself from your competitors, second you help your customers remember you. Finally, give them a unique experience that they will hold into their hearts and that they will definitely like to share with their friends.

Your customers will be entertained by wonderful and engaging effects and this will result in a strong loyalty and an increase in customers. Magic amazes, entertains, excites. Bring it to your room.

Private parties

Guests will be fascinated, amazed and entertained in an unusual, refined and elegant way.

Your party, whether it's a birthday, a wedding, a graduation party or any other need, will be unforgettable. Guests will be transported in a magical dimension in which dreams and reality will merge to give life to a wonderful experience. An intriguing and unusual surprise for your guests.

Expo booth

Magic will allow you to get the most out of your investment.

Not only will you give a parenthesis of pleasant amazement, you will be able to prolong the stay of visitors at your stand, you will impress your brand in the mind of the guests and will prolong the memory. You will also create great movement around your stand attracting a large number of visitors and increasing word of mouth.


The most beautiful day of your life will also be the most magical.

Your guests will have the opportunity to live a unique experience and make your wedding unforgettable, as you have always dreamed of.

Close up magic during the aperitif, at the tables between one dish and another, or among the people after cake cutting. Amazement and wonder will merge to give life to moments to bring into heart forever..